17 People Whose Reasoning Is a Little Off the Wall

2 years ago

We can never know which of our habits would seem weird to other people. Some think that there’s no need to fix what isn’t hurting anyone, even when it shocks others. For example, washing the dishes only when you need them, never closing the cabinets, or cutting up avocados with the seed.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know that it’s admirable to stay true to yourself no matter what. That’s why we don’t urge anyone to change, but just want to have fun together.

“I think I married a sociopath.”

“I am a dishwasher, and this is how the bakers cut the brownies and leave the rest.”

“My girlfriend doesn’t close the cabinets all the way. This is a daily reoccurring thing.”

“’It’s so convenient to just clean them when you need them.’
— my roommate”

“My family is not okay!”

“My partner borrowed my car for a few days and gave it back like this.”

“My mom will eat half a banana and leave the other half on the fruit rack.”

“My girlfriend’s headphones”

“My roommate is a monster.”

“This is how McDonald’s gave me my fries.”

“Went to visit my cousins. Saw this monstrosity there.”

“This man proceeded to dig 50+ holes at our local park to indulge his metal detecting hobby.”

“My loom before and after the art teacher ’helped’ me”

“An Oreo glass that can’t fit an Oreo”

“No, this guy isn’t backing out. Yes, this is how he parked.”

“Where my girlfriend left her cup of water”

“This is the way my dad cuts avocados.”

Which of these pics got under your skin? Does your spouse/partner/roommate have any habits that drive you up the wall?

Preview photo credit rubber_otter / Reddit


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