«She’s Too Big,» Alyssa Milano Sparks Controversy by Sharing Co-Sleeping Photo With 9-Year-Old Daughter

month ago

Discussion has been sparked regarding Alyssa Milano’s parenting methods following her recent Instagram post. The charming snapshot she shared featuring her daughter has elicited varied reactions and drawn considerable attention, prompting speculation.

In a recent glimpse into her life as a mother, the 51-year-old actress offered her fans an intimate look. Sharing a snapshot on Instagram capturing a serene moment of slumber with her daughter, she captioned the photo, «This is what co-sleeping looks like.»

Milano received an outpouring of affectionate comments from fans, lauding her dedication to motherhood. One admirer remarked, «What a beautiful photo of you both [...]» while another praised, «It goes by so fast. Love and cherish every second.»

Nevertheless, certain critics have expressed concerns regarding the appropriateness of co-sleeping for the actress’s 9-year-old daughter, Elizabella.

One commentator remarked, «She is a bit too old for co-sleeping; this is your attention magnet.» Another pointed out that «she’s too big.»

Incidentally, Alyssa Milano isn’t the sole celebrity mom whose parenting choices frequently spark debate. Alicia Silverstone also finds herself in the spotlight regarding this matter.


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