Woman Named a Daughter After Her Favorite Food, But No One Can Believe It’s Real and Everyone Predicted She’d Be Bullied

8 months ago

In the digital sphere, excitement bubbled over as a doting grandmother proudly disclosed the chosen name of her newlyborn grandchild. However, the revelry quickly shifted as comments poured in, expressing apprehensions about the potential teasing the unique name might invite in the future.

“It’s official, my daughter gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Now their family is complete. Welcome, baby Avacuddo. Nicholas now has a baby sister,” said the Facebook post.

Avacuddo’s name is the latest addition to the trend of unconventional baby names, which has gained momentum since Kim Kardashian named her children North, Saint, and Psalm.

In a modern world, where unique baby names are becoming the norm, most people still have great concerns. According to the questionnaire, submitted by a popular news source, answers to the “Would you give your child a unique name?” were ranged:

  • 16,5% — I did and I absolutely love their name!
  • 2,3% — I did but I regret it.
  • 15,6% — I’m considering using a unique name.
  • 65,5% — No, I prefer traditional names.

Avacuddo joins a list of other unconventional names, including Jayden, Bohdi, and Olivia, which have also raised eyebrows. Notably, a recent study has suggested that certain names such as Brydie, Gladys, Edmond, and Neville might face extinction in 2023.

Pamela Redmond, CEO of Nameberry, emphasizes the significance of choosing a name, as it serves as an integral part of a person’s identity and can significantly influence their perception in society. She highlights the importance of considering various factors, such as cultural heritage, personal style, and the desire to either conform or stand out in society, while choosing a name for a child.

Choosing a name for a baby holds profound significance, transcending mere labels. It embodies a familial legacy, cultural heritage, and a vision for the future. A name shapes a child’s identity, influencing their self-perception and how they’re perceived by the world. And we believe every parent can name their baby as they want, because it can have a meaning only the family can understand.


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