That’s the Real Reason Victoria Beckham Stopped Smiling

2 weeks ago

Victoria Beckham is a style icon who has been showing the world the perfect picture for years, from her styling to her signature pose for photos. Another Victoria thing is the lack of a smile, and there is a whole story behind it

She quit smiling once she dove into the fashion scene.

Victoria Beckham’s mysterious vibe has always piqued curiosity, especially regarding her rarely-seen smile. She once admitted that before diving into the fashion world, she used to flash grins in pictures all the time. But as she got deeper into fashion, her smile seemed to vanish, jokingly blaming it on the industry. She acknowledges the transformation from her bubbly Spice Girls days to the poised fashion icon she is today, “It’s an armor that goes up,” she said at the time.

Victoria’s self-awareness and wit shine through in her choice of attire, notably a t-shirt proclaiming ’Fashion Stole My Style’, worn without a smile. Despite her stoic exterior, she has admitted that behind closed doors and in intimate family moments, her expression softens into a smile. However, the constant scrutiny from the paparazzi has shaped her public demeanor, leading her to maintain a composed appearance even during casual outings.

However, her tongue-in-cheek humor resurfaces in various interviews and appearances over the years, where she jokes about her lack of outward smiles, suggesting that she’s “smiling on the inside” and acknowledging her perceived responsibility to the fashion community.

But, surprising as it may seem, there are times when Victoria lets her guard down and flashes her real smile. These rare instances offer glimpses into the person behind the ’Posh’ persona, revealing a warmth and authenticity that captivate her audience.

Her long dental journey.

Allstar / Graham Whitby Boot / Mary Evans Picture Library / East News

When Victoria Beckham flashes her smile, it’s clear she’s undergone quite the dental transformation, thanks to some serious work from top industry pros. Dr. Sahil Patel, a big name in cosmetic dentistry, has pointed out that Victoria’s teeth have generally been in better shape than most people’s. He highlighted how her smile has evolved over time, from a narrower grin to the dazzling one we see today.

A big part of this change? Ceramic veneers. They’ve been a game-changer, showing just how much care Victoria puts into her appearance. And it’s not just Dr. Patel who’s chimed in. Dr. Rhona Eskander’s TikTok video went viral as she broke down the nitty-gritty details of Victoria’s dental work. From fixing a “deep bite” to adjusting teeth that were a bit too far back, it’s clear Victoria’s had a thorough dental overhaul.

These veneers haven’t just straightened her teeth; they’ve given her smile a youthful, vibrant boost. Through all this meticulous dental work, Victoria Beckham’s smile has become a beacon of confidence and beauty.

Fans noticed something beneath the surface of a seemingly happy video.

Victoria Beckham and her daughter-in-law, Nicola Peltz-Beckham, recently had a blast together, dancing to Spice Girls tunes on what looked like a fancy yacht. The video they shared on Instagram was all fun and family vibes, complete with playful bunny ears and big smiles.

But as fans watched, something caught their eye: Victoria kept covering her mouth whenever she smiled. It might seem like no big deal, but people couldn’t help but wonder why she never fully showed her smile. Comments poured in, with some fans feeling for her, saying even with all her success, she still seemed pretty insecure about herself. Others pointed out that Victoria has had a lot of dental work done, yet she still seems hesitant to show her teeth.

It got people thinking about how confidence isn’t just about looks, even for someone as rich and famous as Victoria Beckham. In the end, the discussion isn’t just about Victoria’s smile—it’s about all of us. It’s a reminder that confidence comes from within, no matter how much money or fame you have.

She’s battling with insecurities.

Victoria openly admitted that in her youth, she was unhappy with her appearance and struggled with self-esteem issues. Her lack of confidence carried into adulthood, but she’s fighting against it. Last year, the then 49-year-old star revealed herself to the audience with no makeup on her eyebrows for the first time. It turns out, this aspect of her appearance had never pleased her. “This is the first time I have ever let anyone see me without my brows on. Even my own husband never sees me without my brows on.”

The thing is, back in the 90s when thin eyebrows were in fashion, Victoria plucked hers, and now they don’t grow back. She said, “Over the years, my brows have been so over-plucked that if you saw me without it, you’d be horrified.”

What also deserves respect, apart from Victoria’s style, is their relationship with David. They have been through many trials and have been together for a quarter of a century.


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