The First Thing You See Will Give You a Few Answers About Yourself

2 years ago

Psychology is a science that can read us like a book not only from the big actions we make, but even from the smallest gestures. The way we phrase something and the way we go through everyday life can reveal a bunch of stuff about our personality. And it’s fun to be able to see those traits we have by just looking at a few pictures.

Now I’ve Seen Everything created 6 visuals that will uncover a lot of things about yourselves that may surprise you.


  • The apple: If it was the apple that you saw first, you are someone who takes things for what they are. You are happy with how you view life, you are always in a good mood and you want to pass it over to others around you.
  • The two faces: If you saw them first, you are probably someone who puts relationships first in life. If you are going through an uncertain phase right now, the best thing to do is to have a conversation and solve whatever is weighing on your mind.


  • The head of a tiger: The left hemisphere of your brain is more active than the right. You are an analytical person, very goal-oriented, and organized. When faced with a problem you tend to be logical, calculative, and objective. However, sometimes, because you know that the decision you made was made after a lot of thinking, you tend to be adamant. So, it is advisable that you hear the opinion of others and take it into consideration too. Remember that a little humility goes a long way.
  • The monkey: The right hemisphere of your brain is more active. You are a creative person who is full of innovative ideas. When faced with a problem you rely more on your intuition (which more often than not is correct) than on critical thinking. You know perfectly well that every step you take in your life is a lesson for you, and that even includes losing as a step toward achieving your goals. To you, the journey is more important than the goal. Since you are a dreamer, you often get lost in your own dreamland. It is essential for you to get a reality check every once in a while and to pay a little more attention to the world around you.


  • Baby: You like having time to yourself and shouldn’t feel guilty if you just don’t feel like going out. That’s okay, be yourself.
  • Couple: You love your friends and although you don’t like loud parties and big groups, you have a few very close friends and you would do absolutely anything for them.
  • Trees: You have a very bubbly personality and you’re always open to new experiences. Change is not a big deal for you. In fact, you love change!


  • A bear: You are a caring person, as well as complex and genuine. Even though you prioritize your family and friends, you don’t just let anyone push you around. Since you are pure of heart, you can’t stand people who are manipulative, fake, or backstabbing, which means your anger is triggered by narcissistic people.
  • A fish: You are one of those people who uses imagination, intelligence, and common sense to make decisions and solve problems. You can’t stand sarcastic people, those who don’t want to help, those who argue, and those who laugh at others. Your anger trigger is foolish people.
  • A kangaroo: You are easily described as a selfless person with a pure heart. No matter what the ups and downs you have faced throughout your life, you don’t let your past bring you down. You like to be in a crowd of people who are down-to-earth and who are loyal to you. Fake friends and liars simply don’t have a place in your life and this is why betrayal is your anger trigger.
  • A lion: You are heroic and courageous at heart and a person who doesn’t like to give up on the things you like or your goals. You have great self-confidence and a kind heart. So what can trigger your anger is giving up.
  • A dolphin: You’re a person who relies on imagination and creativity, and you focus only on originality. What you dislike most are people who change themselves simply in order to fit into a crowd or even please others through favors. So your anger trigger is people who aren’t authentic or original.
  • A fox: You can easily learn new things from people, whether it’s a CEO or a watchman. However, you can’t stand people who are intimidating, even if it means your parents. You always put logic first over all other things. However, your anger can easily be triggered by overbearing people.
  • A cat : Even though some people might think you’re just shy, you actually don’t like talking that much. You don’t want the attention of other people, preferring to live life in your own way, not worrying about what others might think. That’s why your anger can be triggered by people who talk too much.
  • An eagle: You want to aim high in life, even if it means doing it alone. You don’t leave things to chance but you tend to be focused and precise in your approach. There is no time for drama or petty things in your life, and you want others to think like you. That’s why your anger trigger is drama and when someone tries to build a mountain from molehills.
  • An elephant: Even though you might look intimidating, you’re just the opposite: kind, loving, and trustworthy. You have a steady personality and are confident. What triggers your anger is mean behavior, and you don’t forgive unkind people easily.
  • A rabbit: With your creative, enthusiastic, and energizing soul, you tend to laugh and spread happiness around. That’s why you are not so into people who bring sadness or any other negativity in your life. Your anger trigger is negative people.
  • A giraffe: You are a kind person and expect the same things from others and avoid people who don’t respect your life and time. Plus, you can’t stand people who seek others’ weaknesses and use them to their own advantage, pitting their insecurities against them. That’s why manipulative people are your anger trigger.


  • Face: You are very down to earth, easy to talk to, understanding, and sincerely caring.
  • 2 figures: You’re very competitive and it applies to everything, not just sports or work. Whatever you do, you just have to be the best. It’s great setting high goals but remember, even the best of us need rest.


  • Trees: You have great intuition and always trust it. You have a very laid-back personality and like spending quiet time doing nothing.
  • Tiger: “Don’t trouble the trouble if the trouble does not trouble you.” This saying is all about you! You have a very strong mind and once you make a decision, nothing can make you doubt that it was the right one.

After seeing the 6 images above, what are the conclusions you’ve drawn about yourself?

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