The Painful Truth: 7 Body Areas Unsuitable for Tattoos

4 months ago

The art of tattooing has witnessed a surge in popularity in recent years. According to statistics, a substantial 43% of people opt for tattoos as a means of honoring their loved ones, while another 37% do so for stylistic reasons. Nevertheless, experts in both the medical and tattooing fields caution that certain body locations may not be the most conducive for getting inked.

Making informed decisions that minimize the likelihood of future regrets is crucial. Delve into this article to explore seven areas of the body that are advisable to avoid for tattoo placement. As an added bonus, discover a pain chart for tattooing towards the conclusion of the piece.

1. Rib cage

Getting a tattoo on your rib cage may look really cool, but it hurts a lot, almost as much as getting one in your armpits. Plus, for women, it can take longer to heal if they have to wear a bra all the time, which can be annoying. So, it’s something to think about before going for it.

2. Elbows

Tattoo experts say it’s not a great idea to get ink on your elbows. That’s because it’s tough to make the tattoo stay, and the skin there is thick, so it takes more time and hits with the needle. Also, if you forget to keep your elbows moisturized, your tattoo might fade away fast. So, it’s better to consider another spot for your tattoo.

3. Armpits

Getting a tattoo in the armpit is super painful — one of the most painful spots, actually. The pain can be really intense, and the whole process might feel unbearable for you.

4. Behind the knees

The back of your knees is a super sensitive area with lots of nerve endings. When the tattoo artist is doing their thing with the needle (they call it “knocks and bumps” in tattoo lingo), it can be quite uncomfortable for you, especially because of all the sensitivity in that area.

5. Hands and fingers

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Tattoos on hands and fingers are popular, but experts say it’s not the best idea. These areas are exposed to the sun a lot, which can make your tattoo fade fast. Also, tattoos on the sides of your fingers often fade quickly after they heal. So, even though many people like these spots, it’s something to consider before getting inked there.

6. Face

Tattooing your face might not last long, according to tattoo artists. They say it’s only guaranteed for 2-3 years. Plus, if you do decide to get one on your face, make sure to use sunscreen every day.

7. Ankles and shins

Tattoos on your ankle and shin can lose their colors fast because they rub against shoes and socks a lot. It can also be as painful as getting a tattoo on your rib cage.

Bonus: Tattoo pain chart

Check out the tattoo pain chart for both men and women above. The red zones are the most painful, while the orange and yellow zones are less sensitive. The blue zones are the least painful.

Our journey through not-so-friendly body areas has unveiled some surprising insights. But hold on tight! In our upcoming article, we’ll be shining a spotlight on over 10 well-known figures who have walked the path of tattoo remorse, proving that even the rich and famous are not immune to second thoughts about their ink.

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