What the Cast of “Modern Family” Looks Like Today

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The final episode of Modern Family aired in April 2020. Although not too long has passed since then, it has been 13 years since the hit sitcom premiered. And throughout its 11 seasons, we got to know the characters extremely well, making it hard to not feel attached to the actors who played them. So we decided to check up on them and see just how this loving cast has changed.

1. Manny Delgado (Rico Rodriguez)

2. Alex Dunphy (Ariel Winter)

3. Gloria Delgado/Pritchett (Sofia Vergara)

4. Jay Pritchett (Ed O’Neill)

5. Claire Dunphy (Julie Bowen)

6. Phil Dunphy (Ty Burrell)

7. Lily Tucker-Pritchett (Aubrey Anderson-Emmons)

© Modern Family / 20th Century Fox Television and co-producers, Gilbert Flores / Broadimage / Broad Image / East News

8. Mitchell Pritchett (Jesse Tyler Ferguson)

9. Cameron Tucker (Eric Stonestreet)

10. Luke Dunphy (Nolan Gould)

Shooting Star / Sipa USA / East News, Xavier Collin / Avalon / Photoshot / East News

11. Dylan Marshall (Reid Ewing)

12. Haley Dunphy (Sarah Hyland)

Do you like to watch Modern Family? Who is your favorite character from the show?


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