42-year-old Paris Hilton Announced the Secret Birth of Her Daughter and Revealed Her Very Unusual Name

6 months ago

How the planet’s most important party girl became an exemplary wife and mother may one day be the subject of a good film. According to Paris Hilton, it was only a few months into her affair with Carter Reum that she realised she wanted to have children with him. But this path was more difficult than she had imagined.

Struggling with health problems, the star sought the help of doctors and a surrogate mother. In January 2023, 41-year-old Paris welcomed a son, Phoenix.

While the couple enjoyed being parents, the press discussed the baby’s health. The public tactlessly wrote that the baby’s head was too big and that he should be taken to a doctor. The gossip in the press put the new mother in a bad mood and she had to fend off the critics.

The attacks of detractors did not diminish Paris’s desire to have more children, on the contrary, strengthened it. In interviews, she has often dreamed of becoming a mother of twins, of having two children. And now the star’s dream has come true.

“Thankful for my baby girl,” the new momma captioned her post.

Earlier this year, Paris shared that she was hoping for a daughter after freezing her embryos. She froze 20 embryos, but they were all male. She mentioned going through the process again and eagerly waiting for the results to see if she would have a girl.

Back in 2022, when Paris was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, she mentioned that she planned to name her daughter London. She explained that she chose London because it’s her favorite city, and she thought Paris and London sounded cute together. As it turns out, Paris’s dream to have a baby girl has not only come true, but she also named her London!

We wish Paris the best of luck in her new role as a mum of two. Luck will definitely be good for her, because being a mother is the hardest job in the world and requires total dedication. When you see the sacrifices mothers sometimes make for their children, it’s impossible not to admire these women.


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