Who Needs a Stylist? This Girl Proves You Can Recreate A-List Looks Without Breaking the Bank

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In the past, the fashion industry created unrealistic beauty standards that made many people feel insecure about their bodies. Clothes often seemed designed for mannequins, not real women. But thankfully, things are changing! Fashion shows are now featuring models in all shapes and sizes, and bloggers like Katie Sturino are using their platforms to promote body positivity. Sturino’s stylish Instagram posts prove that you don’t need a supermodel figure to rock the latest trends. We’ve been inspired by her looks and have curated a selection of her best outfits for you to check out!

1. Kate Middleton

ARTHUR EDWARDS/AFP/East News, © katiesturino / Instagram

2. Gigi Hadid

3. Reese Witherspoon

4. Jennifer Garner

5. Princess Diana

6. Nicholai Olivia Rothschild

7. Kate Middleton

8. Vanessa Hudgens

9. Amal Clooney

10. Taylor Swift

11. Katie Holmes

BG002/Bauergriffin.com/East News, © katiesturino / Instagram

13. Meryl Streep

14. Kate Middleton

15. Hilary Duff

16. Heidi Klum

PG/MEGA/Mega Agency/East News, © katiesturino / Instagram

17. Lily Collins

18. Zoë Kravitz

19. Isla Fisher

20. Alessandra Ambrosio

Sam Payne/Broadimage/Broad Image/East News, © katiesturino / Instagram

21. Kendall Jenner

Piovanotto Marco/ABACA/Abaca/East News, © katiesturino / Instagram

22. Mila Kunis

IMP Features/East News, © katiesturino / Instagram

23. Kate Middleton

MEGA/Mega Agency/East News, © katiesturino / Instagram

24. Carole Radziwill

25. Busy Philipps

Tired of feeling like fashion excludes you? Check out our next article where we feature plus-size women who totally nailed celebrity looks!


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