Woman Pranked Her Partner With Lip Filler, But She Definitely Didn’t Expect Such Response

2 weeks ago

Humor is like glue in a relationship. It sticks you together, even when things get tough. Take this woman, for example. She decided to play a funny trick on her partner by putting on crazy makeup that made her lips look super big. It was hilarious! But what really mattered was how her partner reacted.

The woman used eyelash glue to create the effect.

In the funny video, Kristen tries something wild by using eyelash glue to make it look like she got lip fillers. She starts by putting the glue on her lips, hoping for a fancy result. The tricky part is that the look doesn’t turn out great—it’s actually pretty funny.

But Kristen decides to pretend she loves it and tells her boyfriend that she got lip fillers and is super happy about it. The video captures the moment when Kristen shows off her exaggerated lips, and we can expect some laughs as her boyfriend reacts to the unexpected surprise.

Kristen’s partner was a little shocked.

Kristen’s boyfriend was totally puzzled when he laid eyes on her new lip look. In a hilarious reaction, he accidentally spit out the water he was drinking, clearly taken aback. Concerned, he exclaimed, «Your lip malfunction, baby! We need to go to the doctor, get some antibiotics!»

However, his worry quickly turned into fits of laughter as he couldn’t contain himself. Kristen’s prank not only left him torn between laughter and concern but also showcased the strength of their relationship.

People in comments were mostly impressed, not even with the lips she made, but with her boyfriend’s reaction. And their sincere relationship was not ignored.

That’s the magic of humor in a relationship — it brings you closer and makes the bond stronger. But not all pranks are good and appropriate. Some of them can really lead to the end of relationships.

Preview photo credit kristenandreafe / TikTok


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