12 Things That Used to Be Normal in the Past But Are Now Hard to Find

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As years go by, our society and especially women keep changing how they view themselves and others. For example, women don’t feel the need or pressure to get married young and focus more on their careers. Technology is of course something that has entered and changed our lives massively in many different aspects. Those and many other things have changed and will keep on changing in the future.

1. Friendship is valued differently today. Online followers are considered as very important.

2. We’ve sheltered ourselves from the outside world with headphones and we’ll soon forget how birds sing and how leaves rustle.

3. Women’s happiness isn’t valued by how young they will get married or even if they ever get married.

4. Do you remember the entire family gathering to watch a TV series together? And now, we can’t find anything worthy among thousands of series.

5. People used to value other people’s opinions way too much.

6. Before, we used to call friends to organize a meeting. Today, we don’t have time to even call each other, let alone meet in person.

7. Young parents nowadays aren’t afraid to speak up and not let others tell them what to do.

8. In the past, we looked forward to letters. Today, we’re trying to get rid of annoying texts and notifications.

9. Women feel more free to ask for help instead of having to do all the chores on their own.

10. Many people don’t even remember a time when they drank tea with their entire family in the evening instead of finishing tasks they didn’t finish during the day.

11. And drinking tea is walking from A to B with a cup of tea.

12. The latest technological releases are the most preferred gifts nowadays.

13. People rely on dating apps to search for soul mates now. They can avoid the awkwardness of first meetings because of the distance created by a phone screen.


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This seems like things from 100 years ago in some of these. I remember before cell phones and it wasn't always listening to birds sing and getting together to have a picnic every day.


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