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Now I've Seen Everything

15 Designers Whose Creativity Is Limitless

Some people tend to think based on what they already know, while others don’t hesitate to jump outside the box. This is what makes the latter more creative, since they are able to use their brains in a non-traditional way. That’s probably how we end up with so many wonderful and unusual designs that aren’t always mass produced.

The internet and the world around us is filled with unique designs and Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to show you 15 of them.

1. “A creepy but very handy doorknob.”

2. “This elevator at my university has foot buttons.”

3. “The door handle to this butcher shop”

4. “A 3D printed Easter Island tissue box cover”

5. “Not to look super fancy, but I high-key want to watch my food cook.”

6. “This fire extinguisher art”

7. “A bus interior was made to look like a forest.”

8. “I found this bird table quite charming.”

9. “A new shelf in my bathroom”

10. A desk lamp in the shape of a dog

11. “A little crab pen holder I found in Tokyo”

12. “So my friend made a life-size Snorlax for my husband.”

13. A handmade rocketship lamp

14. “A staircase at a metro in India”

15. “Little individual olive oil pouch shaped as an olive. Found in Spain!”

Have you ever designed something you felt really proud of and those around told you how awesome it was?

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