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15+ Ideas Whose Creators Deserve Stars at the Walk of Fame for Designers

Some people seem to have exclusive access to the unlimited stock of great ideas — they just see how the things we use in our daily lives can be improved — be it their functionality or simply the look — such people become great designers. They definitely make the products we use easier, more beautiful, and fun.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admire their creativity, which is why we gathered here 15+ designs that deserve special attention.

1. “I got a coin with a picture of the northern lights on it and it glows in the dark!”

2. “This lobby has an alligator in the floor.”

3. “These parking meters have creative shadows.”

4. “Certain subways in Japan give a helping hand with your bike.”

5. This pro-bike sign with a powerful message

6. This restaurant has hexagon crayons so they don’t roll off the table:

7. “My local canal has a little staircase for the ducks to get in and out of the water.”

8. “This flexible bollard won‘t ruin your day if you back into it with your car.”

9. “These roll out mats they use to help those who struggle to walk over the dunes to the beach”

10. “The bathroom I’m using has toilet paper holders with built-in radios in each stall.”

11. This library has a vault you can go into to talk on your phone:

12. “A chessboard designed for blind people”

13. “The drain is right under the soap dispenser so it doesn’t stain the sink.”

14. “My city has a bike fixing station in the middle of their bike path.”

15. This hotel’s mirror tells the weather:

16. “If you’re elderly or disabled, you will receive a card that enables you to cross the road with a longer countdown time.”

17. “A table with a solar panel as a sunshade that doubles as a charger for the ports at its base”

Do you agree that many of these creations are both creative and useful? Which of these designs do you think deserves to be named the most inventive?

Preview photo credit kraydan / Reddit
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