Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

17 Truly Unique Sculptures You Might Wish You Had a Chance to Visit

Art is a priceless gift we have since it helps us connect with our inner selves and with those around us. It brings us closer to our emotions and gives us a pretty good idea of who we are and what we want from life. Forms of art exist everywhere around us, from a random graffiti you see on a building next door to exhibitions you decide to visit.

Now I’ve Seen Everything loves throwing the spotlight on artists whose work creates all kinds of emotions in people.

1. Louise Bourgeois, Maman

2. Duane Hanson, Man on a Bench

3. Karl-Henning Seemann, Untitled

4. Hans-Jörg Limbach, Think Partner

5. Lise Cormier, Mother Earth

6. Roy Lichtenstein, House I

7. Zenos Frudakis, Freedom

8. Thomas Leroy, The Weight of Thought

9. Lorenzo Quinn, Love

10. John Buckley, The Headington Shark

11. Sue and Pete Hill, Mud Maid

12. Owen Cunningham, Map-reading

13. Chen Pao-chung, Hippo Square

14. Robin Wight, Wishes

15. Lorenzo Quinn, Support

16. George Lundeen, Departure

17. Simon McGrath, Who left the tap running?

Would you travel across the world to view some of these sculptures up close? Do you have any unique sculptures in your city?

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