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18 People Who Turned Their Bodies Into Beautiful Art Pieces

Art comes in many forms, and sometimes, our bodies are the best canvas for expressing our thoughts, passions, and emotions. From make-up to tattoos, the colors and marks we put on ourselves tell a story or symbolize an important moment in our lives.

These 18 individuals exercised their rights over their bodies in a creative manner, and we at Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share their masterpieces with you.

1. A creative way of turning a scar into art

2. ’’I turned my leg bruise into eye-makeup inspo.’’

3. ’’Me as a galactic goddess’’

4. ’’My nephew finally had his burn scars covered with a tattoo!’’

5. ’’Zipper pull on my scar’’

6. :Crayon drawing by my son tattooed on my arm."

7. ’’I was listening to the Mulan soundtrack and got inspired!’’

8. ’’I always hated my birthmark, so I figured I’d make some art around it!’’

9. ’’My dad passed away. Today is his birthday. And he always wanted us to get matching tattoos.’’

10. ’’I covered some 3rd degree burn scars with a fire dragon.’’

11. ’’My dog running across my scar’’

12. “A scenic Lip Art that I painted the other day.”

13. ’’Cello tattoo that incorporates a 30-year-old scar’’

14. ’’I covered my 11-year-old tattoo from my hippie phase.’’

15. ’’I kind of did my own thing.’’

16. ’’My Mother Nature tattoo to cover up some old scars’’

17. ’’I got my ex’s name covered up, and I feel beautiful again.’’

18. “My buddy tattooed a fingernail on someone.”

Do you have a tattoo yourself? Is there a deep meaning or story behind it?

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