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Now I've Seen Everything

13 Photos of the Royal Family That Are Very Different From the Ordinary Protocol Pics

The British royal family has a lot of admirers both inside the UK and around the world. Even though all the time they are seen in public, they have to abide by countless rules and traditions, they still manage to bring their authenticity into many moments. Some photos of the royals are filled to the brim with emotions, and you can almost feel through those static images how close-knit this family really is.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything would like to share some of the best ones right here.

1. Queen Elizabeth II driving her car


2. Prince Harry is always ready to take a selfie.

3. Queen Elizabeth’s love for dogs has been the same since childhood. Photos were taken in 1936 and 1952

... and 1976.

4. Harry enjoyed being held in his mother’s arms for as long as possible, and they shared a special bond.

5. Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne riding horses


6. King Charles III and Princess Diana cycling with their children

7. Lady Diana with her son

8. Prince William playing video games

9. Prince William and Duchess Catherine are enjoying some painting.

GF/ News

10. King Charles III hiking in Scotland with his sons

11. Prince William and Duchess Catherine playing snowballs.


12. Diana’s body language often revealed she was caring and protective of her sons.

13. According to Harry and William, Princess Diana was a child at heart.

How close are you to your family? We’d be glad to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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