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15 Awesome Dads Who Bring Their A-Game to Parenting

Being a good dad is a difficult job, but it’s an important one. For example, a study has shown that those young women who had a good relationship with their fathers growing up had healthier self-esteem and were satisfied with their lives more than others.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything prepared some pics that show dads who give parenting their all.

1. “I have to brag because I’m so proud of her.”

2. “Anyone else feeling fabulous thanks to a kiddo?”

3. Every vacation, this guy takes pictures of his son being thrown in the air and then photoshops himself as his savior in different funny poses.

4. “Took our 3-months-old to Iceland...couldn’t be more grateful!”

5. “5-year-old was distraught that his favorite yogurt stopped having a picture of the fruit on top. So I fixed it.”

6. Same vibe

7. “Flew from SEA to Boston with her and she did so good! Say hello to my little travel buddy!”

8. “Accidentally took one of those girl leads boy pictures.”

9. “Every time I try to pull my hand away she squeezes harder.”

10. “Took my daughter to see the live Frozen show. She insisted we stay to see the cast leaving. It’s 10:20 PM and we’re still waiting.”

11. “My beautiful girl is a 1-year-old!”

12. “For Father’s Day, I am being gifted some sick new ink!”

13. “Extremely sleep-deprived selfie from week 1. She sleeps well now.”

14. “Such a proud day! She’s been so confident inside, but first proper outside walk, holding Daddy’s hand!”

15. “Dad life, you say? I raise you single father dress-up time.”

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