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15 Fans Who Were Lucky to Get a Photo With Their Idols

A meeting with your idol might be planned thoroughly or it can be sudden. Not everyone gets a chance to come close to a celebrity, and very few manage to ask them for a photo together.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admirably look at the photos of people who managed to get a shot with a famous person.

1. “Met the nicest guy while playing soccer in Toronto. I was a little too excited I think.”

2. Nicolas Cage is very serious about taking a selfie.

Invision / Invision / East News

3. How is this guy going to prove it’s him kissing Rihanna?

4. “My buddy wanted to take a photo with Hugh Jackman and got photobombed by Professor Charles Xavier.”

5. Ed Sheeran decided to bake cookies with his fans. It seems everyone is feeling a bit awkward.

6. When you come for popcorn before the movie and get served by Nicolas Cage:

7. “My high school’s baseball team lost, then ran into this guy at BK. Right before the picture, he yelled, ’WHO ARE THE WINNERS NOW?!’”

8. Judging by the photo in the hands of the woman, she is a long-time fan of Robert Pattinson.

Phil Loftus / Capital Pictures / East News

9. A fan couldn’t hold back her emotions when she met Daniel Radcliffe. Now she has a tear-stained face in the selfie with the actor.

10. “My son met his idol today.”

11. It’s quite sad when it is in your photo that the idol looks like you completely got him.

12. “Friend of mine ran into Tom Hanks today, took a photo with him. Tom looked pretty ’excited’ to be there.”

13. A fan sheds tears when Angelina Jolie agreed to take a picture with him, and the actress wiped away his tears.

14. Matt Damon decided not to rely on the skill of a fan and took the camera into his own hands.

The Canadian Press / Associated Press / East News

15. “My friend’s face when she met Bryan Cranston...”

What celebrity would you like to have a photo with? Or perhaps you can already boast about having a selfie with your idol? Please share them in the comments.

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