Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Loving Photos That Warm Hearts in the Coldest Seasons

From time to time, something happens in our own lives that could make an entire crowd go “awww!”. Unfortunately, not all of those moment are recorded for eternity with a camera. But a few folks are lucky and they get a photo they can share with the world. And that’s the best thing about social media, having access to wholesome stories 24/7 that renew our faith in humanity.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected some touching content that feels just like being hugged.

1. “This is Tucker before and after being adopted.”

2. “My son has been growing his hair for 4 years and donated 12 inches today. I’m so proud.”

3. “This is my puppy Coco whenever grandma comes over.”

4. “My kid said quietly while looking at his feet, ’I just wish I was Spider-Man.’ Today, he became Spider-Man.”

“And now he’s saving everyone at home.”

5. “My ex-premature boys after 1 year of love and care”

6. “They gifted me 2 tickets to the ballet. I planned to take my wife.”

“Then, I realized my daughter, who loves dancing, would enjoy it more than me. I stayed home, and she went with mom.”

7. “My boyfriend surprised me with a kitten today.”

8. “It’s a beautiful day for our family today!”

9. “Happy World Down Syndrome Day to the best prom date a girl could ask for! Love you John!”

10. “I’m really glad they all get along.”

11. “When my daughter was 2, we gave her a stuffed animal, which she loves. Now that she’s 4, we figured it was time for an upgrade.”

12. “My granddad has dementia. Today I arranged with the nurses to bring his wife some flowers for her birthday.”

“He can’t move his arms, but he cracked a smile for his love.”

13. “13 to 18 years old. A girl rejected me because I was ‘cute but too fat.’ I did something about it.”

14. “My grandparents in the 1960s as newly weds and in 2020, 60 years later.”

15. “Dad drove 4 hours to come to my first ever roller derby bout.”

Which of the following stories touched you? Who is the most important person in your life?

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