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15 People Who Never Lost Motivation in The Pursuit of Their Goal

Chaging our lifestyle in order to transform our body is a very demanding process. Whether it involves working out or dieting, it requires long-term commitment for it to have a significant outcome. Fortunately, some people have proven to have the will of power needed and turned to social media to proudly showcase the fruits of their hard work.

Now I’ve Seen Everything collected examples of how never giving up means happiness in the long run.

1. “I lost 295 lbs in the last decade.”

2. “Feeling happy and healthy, but I really need to get serious about losing another 30 lbs and maintain myself a bit better.”

3. “I need new pants!! −276 lbs (125kgs).”

4. “127 lbs gone in 20 months. It doesn’t matter how you get there or how long the journey takes, as long as you get there.”

5. “I had never dieted before in my life, and the doctors didn’t even suggest dieting, they tried to talk me into surgery as my only option.”

6. “Never felt better or more proud of something I accomplished just for myself.”

7. “170 lbs lost in 20 months with no surgery.”

8. “I ran into an old college friend today who literally refused to believe it was me because I am unrecognizable.”

9. “Just over a year progress of whole food nutrition, and strength and high-intensity training.”

10. “I turned my life around.”

11. “From fake smile to a genuinely real smile, because I’m much happier with who I am.”

12. “I finally hit my 100 pounds down milestone. Still a bit to go, but I’m so excited!”

13. “As soon as I start smiling with my teeth, my upper lip still disappears.”

14. “Things are finally, slowly starting to turn after a lot of hard work, and I’m hopeful for the future.”

15. “I lost all the weight through strict diet and exercise. I maintained about a 2,000 calorie deficit daily for most of the loss period.”

Which transformation do you think is the most inspirational for you? We would be more than happy to hear about your experiences. Feel free to share them with us in the comments.

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