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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ People Who’ve Encountered True Perfection

Life is imperfect by nature, and not everything goes as planned. Maybe that’s why we feel so good when things fall right into place. For example, you might open ice cream perfectly, leaving the top completely smooth, or be the first person to come to a new grocery store and see how products are organized and displayed flawlessly.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything know how soothing to the mind and soul such photos can be, so we’ve prepared these satisfying pics for you.

1. “I accidentally tapped a spoon of baking powder on the bowl. The powder held its shape perfectly instead of breaking.”

2. “I ran over my daughter’s sidewalk chalk drawing and found the result oddly interesting.”

3. “This layout job at a local supermarket”

4. ’’This omelet I made is the perfect size for the toast.’’

5. “I think I made the perfect cake.”

6. “My wife playing some Switch after setting up the game room in our new house”

7. “Would you look at that.”

8. “I managed to crush a Coca-Cola Zero can perfectly.”

9. “Opened my ice cream today and almost didn’t want to eat it.”

10. “So, I was wrapping up Christmas presents when I was blessed with this perfect seam.”

11. “I removed my boiled eggshell almost perfectly this morning.”

12. “One of the Skittles I dropped broke perfectly and smoothly in half.”

13. “I made a wall rack to store/display my kid’s monster trucks. For less than 20 bucks, I used curtain rods and checkered flag duct tape.”

14. “These are the blocks I got for my nephew for Christmas.”

15. “I just cut 2 different peppers and they match each other.”

16. “I was literally the first person to shop at this brand-new and perfectly organized grocery store.”

17. “I curled the snow on the fence into a satisfying roll.”

Do you like to organize things and surround yourself with harmony? Or do you believe that a little bit of chaos can be beneficial to certain types of people?

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