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15+ Times People Recreated Their Old Family Photos and Got True Masterpieces

Old photos in family albums hold so many of our memories that we practically feel the history coming alive whenever we go through them. Our today’s heroes decided that it’s not enough to just see those precious memories, and decided to repeat them in their present. So they recreated the photos and got such amazing results that they couldn’t help but share those with the world.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything decided to bring the most creative ones together in this compilation.

1. “My sister and I recreated our first picture together.”

2. “My wife and her mom at 6 months in 1989, and my daughter and my wife today”

3. “My cousin offered me a memory for Christmas.”

4. “Giving my boys a ride.”

5. Like father like son, literally.

6. “Off to Pre-K with my grandmother. 19 years later, off to graduate school...”

7. “Me and my great-uncle, 24 years apart”

8. “Me, 2005 and 2022.”

9. “My son and I planted our faces on a copier, then and now.”

10. The best gift for Mother’s Day

11. “70 years apart. My Dad and my Son. Trafalgar Square, London.”

12. Every Easter is the same.

13. This bride recreated her childhood memory at her wedding.

14. “Being able to finally recreate this photo has been one of my proudest achievements.”

15. “My grandpa and me in medical school 70 years apart (equally sleep-deprived)”

16. “Me and my mom, a few years later”

17. “30 years and beards”

Which family nailed the challenge the most and proves that history repeats itself? Have you ever participated in the family photo recreation trend? If you have, share the results in the comments.

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