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15 Women Who Aren’t Afraid to Show Their Natural Face

It has been found that wearing makeup can make women feel more confident about themselves. They feel more attractive, with a better attitude and the ability to increase their cognitive abilities. However, makeup can also be a trap for some women, making them feel lesser when they’re not wearing any. That’s why it’s important to have some glorious makeup-free days where you appreciate yourself as it is.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants every woman out there to know that it isn’t makeup that makes you beautiful, but what’s inside you that makes you glow.

1. “Learning to be more loving to myself in my natural state.”

2. “This is the first time I’ve shown the world my bare face.”

3. A smile is better than any makeup.

4. “It’s taking a long time to feel comfortable with my curly hair, but I’m getting there.”

5. “No filter! Everyone tells me I have great skin.”

6. “I saw a meme on Instagram that said being pretty without makeup is a serious flex. I concur!”

7. “Au naturel.”

8. No makeup

9. “Just stopped wearing eyelashes for the first time in years. I’ve actually never felt more beautiful in my own skin.”

10. “In a world where makeup and filters rule our society, I’m happy I can still wear no makeup.”

11. “A selfie on a rainy day”

12. “Bare-faced today and have a huge bug bite on my chest! Still trying to embrace the natural side of myself, even on a bad day!”

13. “Just standing next to my friend, Crocky!”

14. “It’s really been hitting me lately how heavily conditioned we’ve been to believe that we are ’less’ without makeup.”

15. “Trying to get more comfortable with having no makeup on.”

How do you feel about makeup? Do you love it and can’t leave the house without it or you only choose it for special occasions?

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