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17 Pets That Knew Their Owners Were Pregnant Before Anybody Else

Many of us consider our pets as part of our family. Our furry friends become our faithful companions and are often very attentive to any changes in our lives. Usually, when one of the members of their “clan” is pregnant, they increase their daily dose of love and gentleness, as well as their sense of protection. These people noticed this behavior and were able to capture it for posterity.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we melted at the sight of these images shared by users whose pets have flooded them with tenderness during their pregnancy.

1. “My pit has been extremely affectionate with my sister ever since she got pregnant.”

2. “These two have been inseparable since my wife got pregnant. Today’s my wife’s due date. I think our cat knows.”

3. “I’m 27 weeks pregnant. My cat does this every day and it completely melts my heart! ❤️”

4. “I’m 8 months pregnant and he won’t leave my side.”

5. “I’m heavily pregnant and have been having a rough few days — these two always know when I need love the most.❤”

6. “I’m pregnant and my dog won’t stop staring at me.”

7. “I have no doubt in my mind my dog knows I’m pregnant.”

8. “I’m pregnant with twins. My cat loves to lay on the bump and purr. Then I can feel the boys gently roll, kick, or dance around. Whatever they’re doing in there, I think they like their kitty bro purring for them.”

9. “I think my dog just realized I’m pregnant, she hasn’t left my side all day!”

10. “He’s finding my pregnant belly much more comfortable than I am!”

11. “My husband took this while I was sleeping. Our cat Zell is 10x more affectionate since I’m pregnant. I’m in my 3rd trimester with our first baby.💙”

12. “I’m pregnant, and our cat has discovered my baby gut.”

13. “These cats must somehow know my wife is pregnant —every day.... like a magnet.”

14. “I’m 17 weeks (4 months) pregnant and I was feeling a little squished in bed so I moved to the living room. I was followed and the gang are aaall here. 🙄”

15. “Wife is pregnant with our first... I think our pup, Bandit, is onto us.”

16. “I’m 5 months pregnant and my fur baby randomly started to cuddle my belly for the past couple of weeks. She knows she’s going to be a big sister!”

17. “Lion waiting for his little brother to arrive.”

How has your pet acted when someone in your family was expecting a baby? What was the gesture that touched you the most?

Preview photo credit Lanky_Lobster / Reddit
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