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18 Moving Photos That Can Warm Up Your Heart Like a Hot Cup of Coffee

Some people get way more emotional than others, and one good reason for that is genetics. There are other reasons too, like lack of sleep, high sensitivity and even stress. But there are some things that could make even the most apathetic person shed a tear or at least feel warmth inside. It’s the simplest of things that can often bring tears to our eyes.

There is nothing wrong with having strong emotions and showing them, and Now I’ve Seen Everything has made a compilation of 18 pictures that might open the floodgates.

1. “Share the Stoke.”

2. “For Christmas, my wife got a recording from Christmas 1973, the last year her grandmother was alive before she passed.”

3. “Almost a year ago, I started a breakthrough treatment intended to halt the progressive nature of my disease. Last night, I sat upright, unassisted, for the first time in 15+ years.”

4. “My mother watched every single one of Marvel’s movies with me, but passed away in January this year.”

“So, I’m here to bring her ‘eyes’ to watch the new Dr. Strange movie!”

5. “Made the shirt for my stepdaughter for her first Jonas Brothers concert. She’s kept it for 12 years!!”

6. “Today I checked ‘Give a sloth a hug’ off my bucket list.”

7. “Thought it would be cool to strap a camera to my chest and swing my nieces and nephew around. I think I was right.”

8. “After almost 3 years of long distance dating (American/Australian), I finally get to pick up my soon-to-be husband at the airport in two weeks.”

9. “My grandma sends me fruit in the mail because I’m pregnant. Today it’s strawberries!”

10. “My daughter found a fossil in our yard and wrapped it for me as a Christmas present!”

11. “Proud of my daughter. 10 days before her wedding. Became a bone marrow match. Doing a blood stem cell donation for a leukemia patient.”

12. “A friend of mine gets reunited with her dog after a month of being away overseas. I think he missed her.”

13. “After being a stay at home dad for 6 years I, 35m, started college alongside my son who just started kindergarten.”

14. First and last photo.

15. “I’m a stepfather and my 7-year-old daughter has never seen me cry, until today... when she gave me my Father’s Day gift.”

16. “Regular customer caught me crying last week, came in today and gave me this:”

17. “My son and his kitten after her first vet visit. She cried endlessly until we let her out of the carrier.”

“She immediately perched and cuddled on his shoulder. Safe to say he’s officially a cat daddy.”

18. “Me over the Spring vs. me happy and healthy spending Christmas with my beautiful family.”

What moves you the most and makes you cry uncontrollably? Are you an emotional person in general or does it have to be something truly sad?

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