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18 People’s Ages You Will Be Shocked to Know

There are two main reasons why some people look way younger or way older than their actual age. They are genes and lifestyle, and both can play a crucial part in how your face looks. We don’t know if it’s better to look your age or a different age, but it’s always fun to have others confused.

Now I’ve Seen Everything has a nice test for you, since you will need to guess the age of these 18 people which will be much harder than you think.

“My mom’s kindergarten picture, 1969. My grandma was attending hairdresser courses and loved to practice her bouffant skills on her 4 daughters.”

“My new haircut has me feeling like a 13-year-old redneck boy.”

“Guess my age. I’m 26.”

“Can you guess my actual age? I’m 42.”

“Guess my age, this should be fun. I’m 35.”

“I’m older than my friend behind me.”

“My emo phase made me look like a 35-year-old mom. I’m a guy. The photo was taken when I was 13.”

“I asked people to guess my age, and was surprised to see that they guessed so high. I’m only 23.”

“I look like both 13 and 30 while I’m 19 in reality.”

“I’ll turn 36 soon.”

“This was me when I was 16.”

“This photo was taken about a week before my 14th birthday.”

“I’m 13 in the left photo, and I was mistaken for a substitute teacher my first day of 8th grade. To be fair, I look younger now at 34 than I did then.”

“I found this old photo of me from when I was 17 or 37, can’t remember which. At 27, I look younger for some reason.”

“Do I look 13 or 30? For your information, I’m only 20.”

“Do you think I’m 12 or 27? I actually teach 12-year-olds.”

“8th grade, 1999”

“My husband. He’s 28. He always gets carded and has had his ID taken or cut in half multiple times because people think it’s fake.”

Do you look your age or much older or younger? Do people get shocked when you tell them your real age?

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