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Now I've Seen Everything

19 Parents Who Proved Not All Superheroes Wear a Cape

Although parenthood is no easy task, about 90% of parents feel the same way: being a father is their greatest joy. In turn, there is nothing better than having a loving and dedicated father who will do anything for their children. Whether it’s dressing up as a princess or teaching us everything they know, good fathers will always be there for us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything knows that every parent-child relationship is unique and that being able to keep a memory of it is priceless. At the end you will find a bonus that proves that not only parents are willing to do crazy things for the children in their family.

1. “My son asked me to wear an Elsa dress with him for a Frozen musical.”

2. “He pulled his stool up, grabbed the brush and started lathering up. Obviously no razor but man he filled my heart with joy 💕”

3. “Wife tried to shame me on Facebook, but all I feel is proud of my invention.”

4. You can feel the fun atmosphere here!

5. “Made costumes for our little ones. It felt so great.”

6. “My dad used to take me to feed the Buffalo outside of town when I was little. We called this guy Big Daddy.”

7. “This is the way... we celebrate my daughter’s first Halloween.”

8. “Welp 18 years after high school and I’m jumping in and showing my daughter anything is possible.”

9. “My dad made me my very own tiny coffee shop for Christmas! I love it!”

10. Being a dad is a full-time job. There are no breaks or vacations.

11. “Had to show my 4-year-old how to properly exit a swing.”

12. “Let’s build puters dad”

13. “My Dad, me, my Dad’s friend Scott. Years later I learned guitar and bass on those same instruments and my Dad still plays them regularly.”

14. “My Dad and me hiking in the Austrian Mountains in the ’70s”

15. “Cheers fellas! We hit some great houses. Got a full sized snickers at one house. Respect

16. “A magic sandbox I made for my 3 y.o. son’s birthday.”

17. “My son stayed and did most of the work. Then bragged at school that he fixed daddy’s Hellcat 😂. Excellent little guy! Lead by example gents! 💪🏾”

18. “Me and my Dad circa 1980”

19. “My year and a half old grandson and me out for the day”

Bonus: Uncles can be cool too!

What’s your most precious memory with your dad? Do you have any photos? We’d love to see them!

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