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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Men Who Kicked Stereotypes to the Curb and Played with Their Looks

Long gone are the days when the world’s beauty industry was exclusively turned to women. Nowadays, men experiment with bold hairstyles and indulge in skincare routines. Everything is encouraged. Online, they proudly share their new looks.

Now I’ve Seen Everything found a few men who weren’t afraid to make a change.

“One year after my hair transplant!”

“My husband’s makeover”

“Weight down, confidence up!”

“After a lifetime of having ugly teeth, I decided to do something about it. A year in comparison.”

“A brilliant barber and 1-year gym membership really made me a better man.”

“I’m an albino. I just dyed my eyebrows and stopped cutting my hair short.”

“A few years passed before I finally felt confident enough to post my own progress.”

“One year apart. I just changed the haircut.”

“I still struggle with body image and disordered eating but today? Today, I’m proud.”

“I lost weight and grew a beard.”

“Looks great, and somehow you look younger with the beard. Nice work.”

The difference a little style change can make

“I finally decided to chop the flow and couldn’t be happier with the results.”

“I struggled with an eating disorder for years, but powerlifting saved me.”

“My barber is a hero.”

“I’m finally happy with my skin.”

“Me wearing shirts. 2017 vs 2020”

“I’m never going to be clean shaven again!”

“My 65-year-old dad let me dye his hair purple. I think he looks cute.”

“I did a thing: first cut in nearly 4 years. Thanks to all the lovely people who encouraged me to make a change.”

What bold experiments would you dare to do? Or maybe you’ve already realized your dream? Share your before and after photos in the comments below.

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