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20 People Proudly Show Off Their Gray Hair to Show the Beauty of Being Natural

Gray hair has long been associated with aging, so some people choose to cover it up by dyeing it. But today, many people are showing that gray hair doesn’t have to be a symbol of aging. For example, some who stopped coloring their hair at 24 or 30 have decided to go natural and show it off.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, 20 users show off their uncolored hair, showing that gray hair can be synonymous with self-love.

1. “16 weeks of grow out. I am 37 and found my first grey 20 years ago. I have colored my hair in one way or another ever since.”

2. “60 weeks tomorrow of growing out my grays! I love how it looks coming in and cannot wait to be fully gray! I also rarely go to the trouble of straightening it, but it shows the growth the best straight.”

3. “One year of growth! Stopped dyeing Feb 2020 when I was 24.”

4. “One year of growth!”

5. “Silver hair 58. Let it go natural 8 years ago.”

6. “I’m so excited to see what my hair will look like fully grown out! Can’t believe I have been paying for highlights this whole time when I have natural ones underneath!”

7. “Grown out after coloring it for 11 years! I’ve learned to love my hair — started going gray at 14 and dyed it until I was 25. Here I am, proudly gray for almost 5 years now.”

8. “Took a lot of patience but one year and 2 months later, It’s all grown out! :D”

9. “3 years years since I haven’t been dyeing my hair. I was bullied for a long time because of my gray hair. It was a very long journey but the results is good, now I love my gray hair.”

10. “Embracing my gray hair by letting it grow.”

11. “I feel pretty”

12. “This is my gray hair. I’m loving it.”

13. “Very happy I stopped dyeing my hair 🙂”

14. “Almost 30 and embracing the natural face AND the natural gray :)”

15. “Twelve years since I’ve dyed my hair and I love it”

16. “Finally, my curls are getting definition. Also growing out my hair color, embracing my gray hairs.”

17. “Been dyeing my hair for YEARS.. started seeing more grays and figured I’d see what my natural color is now! Loving it, still looking for products to help hydrate my curls!”

18. “Just turned 27 and this is my natural hair with a ton of gray hair. I usually color them but I left my hair untouched for a year.”

19. “I used to hate my grays since I started growing them at 17 (I’m now 39), but then I see my mom — dark-brown skin, and beautiful, big ALL-WHITE natural hair — and I can’t wait for the day that I, too, will look like I have super-powers.”

20. “Good curl day”

What do you think of natural hair, are you a fan of dyeing it or do you let your gray hair show?

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