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Now I've Seen Everything

20 People Revealed Nice and Terrible Things About Their Job

Everyone knows exactly what they are supposed to do in their profession or trade, yet they don’t imagine the secrets hidden in the rest of the jobs. Not until someone shares what they do every day that no one else knows about, like peeling gum off of restaurant tables or finding a shrimp made from a sheet as a gift from a hotel guest.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we are in charge of collecting images that expose the mysteries of some of people’s daily chores.

1. “I’m a plumber working in a ceiling void under a leaking shower and I have been greeted by a curious kitty.”

2. “I work in a movie theater that is having End Game Shows ever 15-30 mins. This is the mess we found in one theater. Please be nice to staff and clean up after yourself.”

3. “I work as a wind turbine tech in Sweden. The view some days are just amazing.”

4. “I love my job...”

5. “All the rice I had to throw away at work tonight.”

6. “The amount of gum from the never-before-scraped undersides of the tables at the bar where I work.”

7. “I work at a hotel and every time this person stays, he makes something like this for the house keepers. Very nice guy.”

8. “I have one of the most beautiful jobs in the world...”

9. “Headphones collected some iron dust while I was working construction”

10. “Years of paint built up on my saw horse at work.”

11. “My hands after two hours of working as a cashier”

12. “Part of my job involves photographing tanker ships from helicopters.”

13. “At work we sold every banana but one.”

14. “The amount of lost ID cards and credit cards after St. Patrick’s day at the place I work at.”

15. “Started my job at the spca yesterday”

16. “I got a job at a secondhand book exchange, this is one of three warehouses of books.”

17. “The amount of staples I amassed after 2 months of unstappling and scanning documents as my first summer job.”

18. “My hand after work today”

19. “Still love my job 30yrs on!”

20. “Not a bad job I have”

What is the most tedious thing you had to do in your job that nobody knows about? And what is the most pleasant?

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