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23 Women Who Cut Their Hair Short and Now Look Even More Gorgeous

Sometimes all it takes to switch things up is to cut off a few inches of your hair. And although it takes courage to get a short haircut, it’s absolutely worth the risk. After all, it’s the quickest way to give yourself a fresh start.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything admire these brave women who decided to take the haircut plunge and say goodbye to their long strands. And we can’t wait to share with you the pictures of their transformations.

1. “Glad I finally had the courage to chop it all off!”

2. “Decided to get my hair cut super short today!”

3. “I went for it! I’m obsessed with my hair!”

4. “I did it. I chopped everything off and I’m now rocking a pixie cut.”

5. “I did the big chop!”

6. “A new level of gorgeousness.”

7. “A new haircut can completely change your look.”

8. “Before and after a haircut. Like 2 different people.”

9. “Chopped most of my hair off. The best hair-related decision I ever made.”

10. “Before and after I chopped my hair!”

11. “I ended up going with a pixie and I’m so glad I did!”

12. You should prioritize your comfort first!

13. “I feel 10 pounds lighter.”

14. “We hope to always see that smile!”

15. “She decided to do a pixie cut and we love it!”

16. “Cut my hair yesterday. I now have 4, 12-inch ponytails to donate.”

17. “A new haircut can transform you into a new character.”

18. “Self-appreciation is all you need!”

19. “So I chopped it off and I think I’ll never go back to having long hair.”

20. “One more reason to cut your hair right away!”

21. We can immediately see her self-confidence after the haircut.

22. “Chopped off my witch’s mop.”

23. “Always evolving.”

Do you like short hair? What is your hair like?

Preview photo credit Too_far_north / Reddit
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