Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

17 People Who Are Living Their Dreams, and Aren’t Shy to Share It With Us

If it’s true that you can choose to be happy, then these people definitely made the right choice. From marrying their soulmate to simply enjoying their first time apple-picking, they prove life is a precious gift, and you have to savor every moment of it.

21 People Who Got Past Their Awkward Phase and Are Thrilled About It

There are certain preconceptions about what is considered beautiful and what is thought to be unattractive. For example, extra weight and wearing braces are usually perceived as not as pretty as a slim body and perfect teeth. However, we should remember that we all go through phases while growing up. And when we finally reach adulthood, our appearance will have changed a lot.

20 Men Who Are Anything but Shadows of Their Former Selves

“Fortune favors the bold,” as the saying goes. And these brave men took their chances at improving their looks and got rewarded handsomely. From shifting to a new hairstyle and trying out skincare to shedding off some extra pounds, these champs successfully evolved into the 2.0 versions of themselves.

20 Men Who Kicked Stereotypes to the Curb and Played with Their Looks

Long gone are the days when the world’s beauty industry was exclusively turned to women. Nowadays, men experiment with bold hairstyles and indulge in skincare routines. Everything is encouraged. Online, they proudly share their new looks.

15+ People Who Proved Self-Love Can Do Wonders

Some of us may have had difficult pasts. But if we put more effort into improving our situation, life can get better. Take, for example, these people who decided to change things that they were unhappy about and completely turned their lives around.

20 Impressive Glow-Ups That Made Us Do a Double Take

Everybody grows up, but not everyone “glows up.” Improving one’s appearance takes motivation, hard work, and a ton of self-love. This journey can also be more than a physical transformation — it can be about growing emotionally too. And the more content you are with your life, the more radiant and beautiful your energy will be.

16 Witty Exchanges Between Kids and Parents That Prove Family Bonds Are Solid

Communicating via texting is the new way people choose to contact each other and talk about trivial and important matters. And it seems that people of all ages like sending messages to their loved ones on a daily basis. More specifically, it’s an easier and quicker way for parents to keep in touch with their children even when they are at work or at school. But sometimes, it’s not just a way to let them know that dinner is ready, but also to complain and crack jokes with them.

15 Old Photos That Will Make You Believe Time Travel Is Real

Childhood memories are priceless. And while we can’t bring these happy moments back, we can always relive them as we look at our old family photos. But some people went even further and recreated their old photos to help us believe that you can always give a new life to old things.

14 Famous People Who Made the Conscious Decision to Not Have Children

We live in a society that treats every human being as a machine that is able to create children. However, not everyone has to and wants to bring new life onto the planet. There are many serious reasons that can make people make the decision to stay childfree or that they just don’t want to. We think that everyone should respect other people’s decisions as long they make them happy.

20 Long Hair to Short Cut Before and After | Women Who Cut Their Hair Short

Women have been told from a young age that having really long hair is very attractive and that’s what they should have. Even Rapunzel’s fairytale teaches us how a woman with so long hair can be viewed as breathtaking. Not that it’s not and all women should cut it short, but it feels like so many women are very attached to their hair. As a psychologist explained, it is a very personal thing that if lost, women might feel like they’ve lost part of their identity.But sometimes all it takes to switch things up if you feel like you need it is to ditch your long hair and instead choose a short cut. And although it takes courage to get haircuts and especially short ones, it’s absolutely worth the risk. Long hair might be your security blanket, but a short do might be exactly what you need. So, let the hairdresser cut what they feel in necessary for your face shape and enjoy the change.

18 Pics That Carry a Huge Emotional Load

People take pictures for various reasons, either they are happy or because they want to remember something. They also take pictures when they want to keep a certain moment and feeling in their memory for the rest of their lives. That’s why we take pictures during our happiest moments and look back at them whenever we want to feel better.

17 Times When Online Shopping Went Terribly Wrong

Buying things online seems easy. But in reality, you have to carefully check all of the details and spend some time reading the reviews. Otherwise, you might end up getting something very different from that perfect picture on the website. The 17 people featured in this article probably regret shopping online, but at least they got hilarious pictures to laugh at.

16 Loving Couples Whose Feelings Only Grow Stronger as Time Goes By

When you finally meet your Mr or Mrs Right, it’s easy to imagine you’ll spend the rest of your life together. But unlike what romantic movies are trying to show us, real-life relationships take patience and commitment to really work. And no one knows it better than 17 people featured in this article. All of them managed to preserve their love through the years, and can definitely teach us some valuable lessons.

15+ Kids Who Only Follow Their Own Rules

Understanding what goes on inside children’s minds is an enigma that perhaps only Ben Gates from The National Treasure could solve. But the truth is, their bizarre logic can be extremely amusing. That’s why parents with a sharpened sense of humor are taking to social media to share their kids’ latest stunts.

20+ People Whose Photos Could be Right Next to the Word “Love” in the Dictionary

Sometimes, saying the words “I love you” might seem like a difficult task, and even if we might feel it, we can’t always say it out loud. Luckily, there are unlimited ways to show people how much you love them, like by letting your girlfriend paint your nails or giving an Eskimo kiss under a beautiful sunset — and these are just a few of them.

17 Times People Shared Pictures That Can Even Beat Monday Blues

As the weather gets colder and gloomier, many of us often feel down. If that’s how you’re feeling and you’re looking for ways to quickly boost your mood, then the pictures we gathered for this article can definitely put a smile on your face. From adorable four-legged babysitters to funny faces kids make when they experience things for the first time, these sweet photos can warm up your heart even on the coldest day.

18 Transformations That May Make You Want to Shake Up Your Style Too

“Fresh starts” don’t always need to be drastic. Sometimes, a simple change in your appearance — maybe a new haircut or color, or a shift in beard style — can already make you feel like a brand new person. And it could also add a whole new level of confidence within you.

15+ Remarkable Before-and-After Transformations

When you decide to update your look, it can be like a breath of fresh air. Many of us might feel like we get stuck in a routine and feel so used to the way we look, we start to fear change. But in reality, changing something about your appearance can make you more connected with your true self.

19 Touching Photos That Prove Time Has No Power Over True Love

Some people were truly lucky to meet their soulmate at a very young age. But finding your better half isn’t enough, it takes strength and determination to carry your love throughout the years. And these loving couples can teach us truly valuable lessons about relationship goals.

15+ Lucky People Whose Day Couldn’t Have Gone in a Better Direction

Happiness is something we all strive for in our lives, however, we can’t experience it at all times. That’s why it’s so important to develop the skill to be able to not only notice the little things that brighten up your day and make you smile but also to be grateful for them. We can start small, with things like seeing a rabbit or playing with a kid, like our today’s heroes did.