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Now I've Seen Everything

18 Pets Who Are Going Through an Existential Crisis

We live with our four-legged friends 24/7, so we get used to their mood swings and distinctive behavioral traits. One piece of research even found that a dog’s personality often mimics their human’s. And whether they are funky, playful or goofy, we love our pets just as they are, even when they drive us mad and turn our house into a mess. And having them around teaches us to adapt, nurture and forgive, and this is the biggest gift our furry buddies can give us.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that pets make our lives 100 times brighter and more colorful. And here are 18 who are making sure their human doesn’t spend one boring moment.

1. ’’My cousin said Brownie is well behaved. I came home to this!’’

2. ’’Don’t mess with me.’’

3. “I guess he’s having a hard day.”

4. “He always relaxes on the couch like this.”

5. “This weirdo has figured out that sitting here gets her the most pets from passers-by.”

6. “I specifically chose this park because there is no water feature.”

7. “Teefs and feets”

8. “’Get a cat,’ they said. ’It’ll be fun,’ they said.”

9. “When you’re sleeping at your friend’s house but they forget to give you a blanket”

10. “He does this and watches me watch TV.”

11. “He will lay on random things like this.”

12. “I think there’s something wrong with my cat.”

13. “He stole a cheeseburger and just had it sitting in his mouth.”

14. ’’I know I’m special.’’

15. “She sits like this a lot and it looks like she has no arms.”

16. “Why does he keep doing this?”

17. “How many dogs does it take to answer the door?”

18. ’’He’s been sleeping like this for 15 minutes.’’

What unusual things does your pet do, and why do you think they act the way they do?

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