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20 Miniscule Animals Who Can Steal Our Heart and Live In Our Pocket

Tininess has an irresistible charm to it that leaves no one indifferent. Especially when we’re talking about minuscule animals that fit in our palm and stare at us with their barely-there eyes. Perhaps the reason we get so attached to them is because we know these creatures can’t survive without our protection. Or because we are aware that they will soon get so much bigger and that we need to savor these fleeting moments of cuteness before it’s too late.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything, we have an extra weakness for pocket-sized animals. These 20 babies are super small but will have an incredibly big effect on the heart.

1. ’’Welcome to the world little one!’’

2. Not all crabs make good dinners.

3. “Baby Lumpsucker is the worst name for the cutest little fish I’ve ever seen.”

4. ’’My snake noodle really enjoys being in my pocket.’’

5. “I found a small gardening helper today.”

6. “A baby octopus I found inside a seashell!”

7. “5-day-old hedgehogs”

8. ’’This little face is why I do what I do.’’

9. “This tiny butterfly that landed on my hand”

10. “This baby grasshopper army in my friend’s garden”

11. That’s a really tiny predator — a praying mantis.

12. “This dwarf sea horse compared to my thumb”

13. “A dwarf miniature horse I met yesterday”

14. It’s amazing to see that geckos come that tiny.

15. This tiny snake is ready for boops.

16. “I cannot believe these ’hedgehog teefs.’”

17. A tiny frog, smaller than a fingernail

18. "A teeny-tiny snail I found in my cat’s fur

19. ’’This very tiny frog I found by my pool today.’’

20. ’’My friend’s new baby turtle.’’

What are the tiniest creatures you’ve come across that stole your heart? Share your surprisingly small finds with us.

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