Meet Patrick Mast, Who Spent $73,000 To Look Like a Doll

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Patrick Mast became famous thanks to their appearance. Since the age of 18, they have been modifying their look to resemble a doll. Here are the incredible results they have achieved over more than 10 years of transformations.

They wantto achieve a doll-like appearance.

Patrick’s distinctive self-expression is truly fascinating, particularly their dedicated pursuit of what they term the «plastic aesthetic.» Having invested a remarkable $73,000 in cosmetic enhancements, Patrick embarked on this journey at just 18 years old.

Openly sharing their preference for a more feminine appearance, they noted the inherent charm of their natural features. Patrick passionately embraces the doll-like aesthetic, reflecting their personal admiration for it.

Patrick has no desire to change their gender.

Patrick made it clear that they have no intention of changing their gender, which distinguishes them from those who might pursue a similar appearance for that reason. They explained, «It is easier for me to adapt to a female face because my natural features weren’t very masculine.»

Starting their journey at 18, Patrick has undergone regular monthly filler treatments in various facial areas like lips, chin, under-eye, and cheeks, in addition to Botox injections every three months.

Patrick plans to keep getting surgery.

Throughout their journey, Patrick has invested a substantial £45,500 in Botox and various cosmetic treatments, including fillers, rhinoplasty, and facelifts. Their admiration for the «plastic look» is evident, as they aspire to achieve a flawlessly symmetrical appearance akin to a doll.

Inspired by the perfection that dolls represent, Patrick is constantly refining their features to emulate this aesthetic. It’s intriguing to see how individuals like Patrick draw inspiration from unconventional sources to shape their unique style and appearance.

«I like the look because it shows other people that I take care of myself a lot, and I am a perfectionist. I have spent a lot of money on surgery and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.»

Patrick finds the «plastic look» appealing not just for its aesthetics but also as a testament to their dedication to self-care and perfectionism. They have invested heavily in surgery and have no intention of stopping anytime soon.

Patrick often turns heads, receives glances, and giggles while walking down the street, but they say they don’t pay attention to other people’s opinions. «I like the attention I get after I have a procedure,’ said Patrick last year. But not all of that attention is positive. I’ve been told I look like a monster, but at the end of the day, everyone has the right to look how they want,» Patrick said.

«My look causes much more of a problem for other people than it does for me. The surgery is my decision and the consequences are mine to live with. I do find that people assume I’m stupid because I look like Barbie. If they took the time to speak to me, they’d realize that I’m actually quite normal and intelligent,» they added.

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