Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Intriguing Pics That Immediately Make Us Wonder What’s Going On

There’s no need to buy a book of brain teasers in order to solve one. From time to time, they appear in our day-to-day life and, accidentally or not, people sometimes manage to snap a photo of them. Then social media make it possible to turn them into virtual challenges where thousands online come together to crack them.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up a few pics that leave everyone scratching their heads trying to figure out what exactly they’re looking at.

1. “Tiny dog in hand”

2. “For a split second, I thought Derek Truck’s guitar cable was coming out of my TV.”

3. “A floating flag”

4. “Nope, this is not a person.”

5. “My friend and I painted this 3D illusion in Chicago last week.”

6. “Reflection in the water in the Beatus caves in Switzerland.”

7. “Saw this guy driving up a traffic light the other day.”

8. “A live catfish I found in a toilet.”

9. “My cat’s head looks transparent.”

10. “My wife changing the kid’s diaper. That’s quite a long leg for a 3 month old baby.”

11. “This random lady has superman’s laser vision.”

12. “This man has matching shoes in his shoes.”

13. “This is how they see if your cornea has been damaged if you hurt your eye.”

14. “We can now project the news into the sky.”

15. “It looks like a duck flower.”

Which one do you think is the most confusing? Were you able to figure them out without looking at the captions?

Preview photo credit Coloradopeoplespress / Reddit
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