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Now I've Seen Everything

15+ People Who Probably Wish They Could Start Their Day Over

We all know that it’s rare to win in a lottery, but we don’t hear often just how rare it is, all we know is that some people are winning a lot of money doing pretty much nothing. But here’s some information: if you need to pick 6 numbers out of 49, your chances of hitting the jackpot are 1 in nearly 14 million. Seems like having so much luck is almost impossible.

Our today’s heroes at Now I’ve Seen Everything can’t brag about being exceptionally lucky but they don’t lose their sense of humor and good attitude towards life nonetheless.

1. “Someone managed to lose their new box of... lost-item trackers.”

2. “First bite of my fast food burrito and I felt something metallic brush against my tooth. Spat out a screw.”

3. “What I requested and what I got. Cost me $150. Where is the justice?”

4. “This is why you shouldn’t wear jeans with holes on sunny days.”

5. “I’ve been looking for my glasses for 3 days. My kid hid them in the oven.”

6. “Looks like my phone won’t be charging today.”

7. “Looks like our puppy isn’t quite ready to be left alone yet.”

8. “Getting back to my seat after a bathroom break”

9. “At least I got the waffle recipe mostly correct.”

10. “Went to the store to pick up a candle for my daughter’s birthday, guess how old she’s turning?”

11. “My knife broke when I tried to cut the watermelon I just bought, just to find out that it went bad.”

12. “First time falling over the handlebars today.”

13. “Leaned a little too far over the fire the other night”

14. It won’t really satisfy like this.

15. “Kid opened otherwise perfectly sorted art supplies upside-down.”

16. “Well, it was a nice ride until we hit a surprise hailstorm.”

17. “Eggsactly what he feared would happen.”

Have you ever experienced an “unlucky strike”? What happened?

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