18 People Who Got Tattoos to Remind Them of Their Most Cherished Moments Forever

2 years ago

More and more people are getting tattoos. Unfortunately, it is not at all uncommon for those people to regret their decision later. Survey results showed that around 78% of people have come to regret getting at least one of their tattoos, which just goes to show how important it is to think everything through.

That’s why we at Now I’ve Seen Everything want to share 18 photos with you of people who definitely won’t feel sorry because they have great stories behind their body art.

“Our little sock thief”

“My favorite picture of my mom and me.”

“My sweet baby Lil Weezy passed away 2 months ago. I finally got her memorial tattoo and I am so thrilled. My sweetheart!”

“Memorial tattoo for my father. The fingerprint is actually a part of his real fingerprint.”

“My father once said, ’Live each day like it’s your last bowl of clam chowder’.”

“Got a tattoo to honor my grandmother who passed away recently.”

“My 4-year-old son drew a pic of the 2 of us, so now it’s a tattoo!”

“I lost my old boy Sebastian last month. I got my first tattoo in his honor.”

“In honor of my brother who passed away. This was drawn in one of his sketchbooks.”

“Compass & Tree of Life memorial tattoo for my mom who passed away.”

“I got a memorial tattoo of my cat, Kovu.”

“My wife and I got matching anniversary tattoos.”

“Got my first tattoo today in memory of my grandma.”

“Tattoo to honor my little ones I’ll never meet.”

“My first ’big’ tattoo in memory of my cat who helped me through my childhood.”

“This is my childhood cat. I spent many days just hugging my poor cat, soaking her with my tears. No matter how long I hugged her, how many times I picked her up, or how wet she got from my tears she endured it. Never once resisted, hissed, or bit me. She didn’t even try to leave my side. I cannot express how much I loved her and how much she helped me. Thank you, Blue.”

“In honor of my lost baby.”

“Tattoo in memory of my sweet Miracle”

“In her handwriting. My new tattoo makes me feel so close to her.”

Do you have any tattoos with a special meaning behind them? If you could get a tattoo representing a special person in your life, who would you choose and why?

Preview photo credit sbaghetticarbonara / Reddit


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