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15+ Pics That Define Love No Matter What Language You Speak

Love is the universal language that is understood even by animals. Whenever you give your cat or dog a hug, they start reacting back to it and produce the sweetest sounds and actions. Today’s heroes are polyglots in their own way, because with the amount of love they can give to others, they would probably be understood by any foreigner.

Here at Now I’ve Seen Everything, we made a small collection of those heartfelt moments. To us, each face told another story as they resonated with different snapshots of our lives.

1. “We started dating just for fun.”

2. “Our 3-day-old baby chicks enjoying the warmth from my husband’s coffee mug.”

3. “Everyone thought I was mad by getting a pup when I have a toddler already. Everyone meet Mollie and Jack.”

4. “Staying in to make Valentine’s Day gifts for a senior living center as part of my job.”

5. “My dog cuddling with her only newborn puppy.”

6. “My grandpa has been very sick the last week, and my cat Buddy won’t leave his side.”

7. “2 more reasons why I can’t give up working from home...”

8. “My grandfather was in the hospital, so I made ’thank you cookies’ for his nurses.”

9. “My friend edited my prom picture for me. She said she wanted me to see how beautiful I really am.”

“This is the only time I’ve ever felt beautiful.”

10. “My dad likes to hold our fat kitty and pretend he is a baby.”

11. “My wife gave birth to our baby girl. Here they are, sleeping on their first night at home beside me. I’m a happy man.”

12. “My daughter helping her friend at a black sand beach”

13. “My siblings and I have managed to pay off our parents’ home. We’re surprising them later with the news and cake, lol!”

14. “My super happy daughter has the best arm rolls ever! They’re like little bread rolls!”

15. “A guy I was seeing who would make me cute lunches. He’s now my boyfriend, and the work lunches have not stopped!”

16. “My lab is obsessed with my boyfriend.”

17. “My adopted brother finally met his biological mother.”

What were some of the moments in your life when you felt a lot of love?

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