Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Things That Could Fool You Into Thinking They Are Something Else

Sometimes a quick glance at an object isn’t enough to see what it really is. You can look at a pinecone and see a stack of delicious pancakes, or you might find a stone that resembles a little shark. Even though it can sometimes seem like we’re going crazy, it just proves that we have a good imagination.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some things that tricked us into thinking they were something entirely different.

1. “The parking pillars here look like handsome Squidward.”

2. This chair has seen things

3. “This smudge on my glasses looks like a mountain.”

4. Can you find the second elephant in the water?

5. This rock is amazed to see people here.

6. “Someone is not happy about the weather we are having.”

7. Cucumbers can be whatever they want to be, even a pear.

8. This spider’s face is in a seemingly odd spot...

9. “Does my butter look like Bart Simpson?”

10. “The shadow of this bath faucet looks like a sitting frog.”

11. When you miss your cat so much, you start seeing it everywhere.

12. This rock looks like a shark.

13. “This shadow of a spider plant looks like an actual spider.”

14. “This lime has a tail.”

15. Do you see a bride in this waterfall?

16. “I thought this pinecone looked like a stack of pancakes, so I made some butter out of some fallen leaves.”

17. “Scared me in the dark.”

Do you have a rich imagination? How often do you see something unusual in very normal things?

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