Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15 Times Reality Left Our Brains Completely Confused

Whether accidentally or because it caught their eye, some folks have captured magic tricks on camera. These tricks weren’t created by magicians but by the world itself, like a giant hole in a mountain that looks like a puddle. Although some are harder to crack than others, it’s still amusing to figure out what we’re looking at exactly.

Now I’ve Seen Everything rounded up a few photos that play with our vision.

1. “A glitch in our old photo looks like a portal to another dimension.”

2. “The shadows cast by these cables form a man’s head.”

3. “My little sister’s hair formed the number 5.”

4. “This angry workout machine.”

5. “A colleague of my girlfriend in a jacuzzi looks like a tiny man in a sink.”

6. “A very wide person at the gym”

7. “Window heater melted the window”

8. “Thought I found a foot in the yard.”

9. “Had no idea my wife was part dog.”

10. “Light reflecting on the surface makes it looks like a shark is in my Koi pond.”

11. “Dude spawned twice for his route.”

12. “My friend easily carrying his end of this fallen tree.”

13. “When you walk into your room and have a mild heart attack.”

14. “A man with 2 bodies”

15. That’s not a puddle, look again.

What photo made you want to scroll back to take a second glance? Do you have a deceptive image you’d like to share?

Preview photo credit Ass_Pancakes / Reddit
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