Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

15+ Surprising Things Proving That There’s Truly Amazing Stuff Around Us

Our brain is designed to notice only the most important things and ignore everything else. Scientists even found out that the stores you remember in a new city depend heavily on your mood and what you want at the time of your visit. That’s good news: if we noticed absolutely everything all the time, we’d be overloaded.

We at Now I’ve Seen Everything found some interesting discoveries that our today’s heroes couldn’t help but notice.

1. “Girlfriend got me camo toilet paper, and I’m at a loss.”

2. ’’I found a bug adorned with gold markings.’’

3. “This garlic came out as 1 piece instead of in cloves.”

4. “This basket, flattened by a semi-truck, now looks like a 3D picture of a basket.”

5. “A white tomato”

6. “A coworker went to grab a jammed piece of paper in the printer. He ended up getting this.”

7. The pattern in this watermelon looks magnificent.

8. “Not sure what happened here, but I think it involves a parallel universe.”

9. “My cat has 26 toes (18 is normal).”

10. “Sutures after penetrating keratoplasty (cornea transplant).”

11. ’’I saw my door in a book.’’

12. “Tiny praying mantis on a 10-year-old’s finger.”

13. “This sunflower doesn’t want to face east.”

14. “Found a bush in the shape of a car.”

15. ’’I caught the fog blending almost seamlessly with the water.’’

16. “I can bend my fingers like this.”

Have you ever found any unusual things?

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