Now I've Seen Everything
Now I've Seen Everything

18 Pics That Will Take Your Brain on a Spinning Ride

In our time, taking photos has become almost second nature to us all, and most of us don’t spend a day without taking some snaps to immortalize our favorite moments. And on super rare occasions, some of our pics can completely make our jaws drop. Because when the right angle, perfect timing and a sprinkle of extremely good luck come together, they can create a photo that looks out of this world. And of course, this lucky snap will become our favorite among the endless collection of pics that we own.

Now I’ve Seen Everything wants to share with you some accidental photos that turned out to be enigmas that need to be decoded. Let’s see if you can find out what’s going on behind these magical snaps.

1. Tunnel vision

2. ’’Castle in my coffee.’’

3. Dog man

4. Tiny man

5. “Headless penguin”

6. “As I leave my office at night, the full-length painting next to my door reflects in the window of the office across the way and startles me. Every. Time.”

7. Human dog

8. “You can’t swim here.”

9. “She’s got ‘leg’... and she knows how to use it!”

10. “This double-mouthed horse I met.”

11. “Just another selfie with a floating top.”

12. “My cat appears to be headless.”

13. “This buff dog-man”

14. “Have you ever tried to look at your hand with all your fingers aligned behind your thumb?”

15. “This man looks photoshopped, is he?”

16. “Too many hands”

17. Floating

18. ’’How my glove reflects the light.’’

Have you ever taken a strange picture like the ones we included in our article? Share it with us in the comments! If we have enough pics from you, we’ll write a new article with our readers’ pics only and your picture might be in it!

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