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Now I've Seen Everything

18 Things That Have Mastered Their Camouflage Skills

Things seamlessly blending in their surroundings are somewhat satisfying to look at, especially when the patterns line up. And sometimes, the coincidence of people finding their “perfect match” in objects around them can make us laugh and say, “What are the odds?”

Now I’ve Seen Everything found 18 things that will amuse you and play tricks with your eyes as they execute the perfect camouflage.

1. “My shoes match the carpet at work.”

2. “My nail color matches the glaze on this ceramic donut.”

3. “I match the bathroom.”

4. “My face mask dried unevenly and matches my sweatshirt.”

5. “We keep tripping over her.”

6. Find the hidden gecko

7. “I was looking for my shaving bag for 10 minutes.”

8. “Our old doggy daycare posted this one.”

9. “My friend’s outfit matched my coffee cup exactly today.”

10. “Got a comfy rug for my dog.”

11. “My mac and cheese flavor dust consists of 2 different colors, and they match the box discoloration.”

12. Who wore it better?

13. “My doggo, Teddy, matches his favorite chair.”

14. “I found candles that matched my nails.”

15. “It took me a good 5 minutes to find her.”

16. “What shoes?”

17. “There’s some toothpaste there.”

18. “My friend’s phone case and hoodie”

Have you ever noticed things that perfectly blended in with their surroundings?

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