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Now I've Seen Everything

20 Pics That Can Easily Be a Source of Good Vibes

There up to 19 kinds of smiles and not all of them are related to positive emotions, a study says. Apparently, humans also tend to grin when we’re feeling uncomfortable or scared. But don’t worry, because the ear-to-ear smiles that you are going to get from these photos will be out of genuine happiness, due to the warmth and good vibes that they radiate.

Now I’ve Seen Everything believes that there are many things — even simple ones — that can bring us joy, and we found 20 pictures that serve as great examples.

1. “The first time my dad met our cat at the shelter. Love at first sight!”

2. “This is my Uber driver, Beni. He took me to the hospital and kept me company since my family lives out of state.”

3. “My 87-year-old co-worker showed me his binder of love poems. 2 months of work and I got them published and delivered his first book.”

4. “This eagle-owl was saved after a sewage accident.”

5. “This bus driver who decorates every holiday is giving out candy on Halloween.”

6. “Hundreds of dollars on dog beds and this is all he wants.”

7. “Finally got my prosthetics in.”

8. “Best day ever!”

9. “The president of our company is a giant kid, so for his birthday, we made his office into a ball pit.”

10. “My FIL’s dog chews up shoes and TV remotes any chance she gets, but has had this licorice for 4 days.”

11. “Was walking to work and this older dude made puzzles and he gave me a turtle puzzle! Legit made my day.”

12. “Winnie the Pooh just casually entering the tram”

13. “My dog is guarding me at the entrance of my room because I’m sick.”

14. “Some guy spray-painted some anti-gay slurs on a garage down the street (a gay couple lives there), so our neighborhood got together and painted this.”

15. “A stick and ball library”

16. “My bus has been stuck for 3 hours. This lovely family came on and handed out cups of coffee and biscuits for free.”

17. “I think my 13-year-old little girl is pretty happy about her new set of wheels.”

18. “Waited almost 2 years for this moment. I am literally half the person I once was; 330 lbs to 165 lbs.”

19. “My hometown PD threw this brave officer a birthday party. Happy birthday, Max!”

20. “Wore my hedgehog mask to work today, and this little guy was brought in.”

What’s a kind, unexpected, wholesome thing you’ve done for someone or that somebody has done for you?

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