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20 Dads Who Made Their Children Very Proud With Their Actions

They say that “You only have one mother,” but we can also find fathers who make their families live unique moments. A dad who bakes a cake, plays video gameS, or takes up painting again after 30 years are just some examples of this.

At Now I’ve Seen Everything we found images of some parents who were captured in moments of affection, and who were looked upon with great pride by everyone around.

1. “My dad hasn’t painted in over 30 years. Now that he’s retired he decided to pick up a brush again.”

2. “The photographer caught me and my dad trying to hide from having to take more pictures for my sister’s wedding.”

3. “This is the cake my dad made me for my birthday.”

4. “The other day my dad called me and told me his golden retriever found a baby squirrel that was half alive in the yard. He rescued it and fed it. This is them a few days later. Now it won’t leave his side.”

5. “My mom came back from India after 8 weeks. Here’s dad, the least romantic man in the world, waiting for her.”

6. “He’s a great dad because he takes these kinds of pictures.”

7. “My dad (left) looking like a young Luke Skywalker, Chile, 1977.”

8. “Dad: ’No animals allowed in this house!’ Also dad: ...”

9. “I have the best dad ever!”

10. “Caught off guard with my father. He was genuinely asking how l built my PC and why I’m into gaming.”

11. “So my dad pulls out a stack of old photos and says, ’Ah, here’s a picture of my dad.’ I never got a chance to meet my grandpa, nor ever see a picture of him, so I was excited to finally uncover the mystery. He hands it to me and...”

12. “Dad put coconut shells on stumps to make them look like mushrooms.”

13. “I convinced my non-gamer father to fund a gaming PC during quarantine. He’s been playing this golf game for over 3 hours.”

14. “My dad never takes the stickers off of his things and he yells at me if I touch them.”

15. “My dad, Wu, in his full glory.”

16. “My brother works at UPS and is a new father of twins, so I took a porch photo of the three of them.”

17. “Wholesome dad, proud of his organic tomato patch.”

18. “My 88 year old father-in-law wanted to learn a game that only required a few keys to press. He liked this one and was delighted that he could choose his own nickname. All I’m gonna say is, next time you play Slither, you better watch out for the BIG BUCKET OF DEATH.”

19. “This is my father, he works for an environmental cleanup and sanitation crew in Texas, and is currently in Corpus Christi pumping excess water from gas station tanks so the gas stations can sell gasoline to those in need.”

20. “My father, with a giant puffball mushroom.”

What moment with your father do you remember with the greatest joy?

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