10 Body Traits Only a Tiny Percentage of You Have

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A famous quote says “Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.” And while this is the moto we are being reminded of every single day, some people can actually claim that they are unique. And that is thanks to something on their bodies that only a small percentage also has. You might have something from our list and not even realize how special it is.

1. Arch fingerprint pattern.

Fingerprints identify us in several systems. The unique thing about fingerprints is that 65% of the population have hoops, 30% have fingerprints in the shape of a whirl, and only 5% possess this unique arch pattern.

2. Palmaris longus muscle.

To find out if we have this tendon or not, it’s enough to press the thumb and the little finger against each other and look at the wrist. This protuberance that, in some cases, is seen is the palmaris longus. It is said to be an evolutionary remnant that we inherited from our ancestors who needed the strength of this tendon to climb trees.

However, today its presence or absence does not make us any stronger; nor does it give us a better grip. In spite of this, only 14% of people are missing this protrusion when they press their fingers together, and this is more the case for women than for men. However, this percentage may vary in African, Asian, and Native American populations.

3. A small hole near the ear.

It’s officially known as the preauricular sinus, is shaped like a nodule, dent, or dimple, and is a rare feature of the body. It’s located just in front of the ear and above the ear canal and generally occurs on only one side. Although its frequency varies between populations, it is most commonly seen in Asian and African populations and, even then, does not exceed 10%.

Like the tendon in the wrist, some theories suggest this is an evolutionary remnant. Studies along these lines claim that our ears evolved from ancestral fish, whose ability to hear would be based on a brachial opening that would seem to resemble this particular dimple in the human ear.

4. Having extra fingers.

Some people have more than 5 fingers or toes on each of their hands or feet due to a genetic disorder called polydactyly. This is usually detected at birth and generally does not affect a person’s health, although sometimes it may be related to a more serious genetic abnormality, which can lead to other physical malformations.

5. Abnormally short fingers.

Just as there are people who have extra fingers or toes, there are others who have a congenital condition called symbrachydactyly, due to which one of their hands does not develop properly. This can be seen in their really short fingers that may be webbed or joined, or as a hand lacking some fingers.

6. Counterclockwise cowlicks.

Although they can be annoying, hair swirls are present in a large percentage of human beings. However, most turn clockwise, and only 23.3% counterclockwise. There is no evidence of these swirls being related to the laterality of brain dominance, thus they are not related to handedness, footedness, or eyedness.

7. Double-jointed thumbs.

Can you bend your thumb backward? Then, you must have something called Hitchhiker’s Thumb. It’s a double-jointed thumb that allows them to bend it backward. There’s no risk in doing this, and it’s not something very uncomfortable for them. It’s possible thanks to distal joints within the thumb. In some cases, people can move only one thumb backward, while others can move both.

8. Outer navel.

A study shows that only 4% of adults have an external navel. Several reasons determine what kind of belly button we will have as adults, and none of them are related to the way our umbilical cord was cut at birth; although it is commonly believed that this is the cause.

The navel is basically the scar that remains after the small piece that was left after the umbilical cord was cut falls off, approximately 2 weeks after birth. The way our skin grows as this scar heals will determine the shape of the belly button.

9. Super taste.

If you ever wanted to have Remi’s taste from the movie Ratatouille, let us tell you that there are some super tasters in the world. One-quarter of the world’s population possesses a higher number of taste buds on their tongues, which makes them more sensitive to flavors.

10. Your palm lines can tell a lot about you.

When the lines are on the same level, it means that a person likes being in long-term relationships and very sensible when it comes to their personality. They also care about listening to other people’s opinions and dislike when their life takes unexpected turns.

On the other hand, when the left-hand line in higher than the right one, it means that a person is in no rush to invest in a relationship. They don’t think that love is the most important thing for them to be happy. If they choose to start a devoted relationship, they will probably go for a younger person.

Unique body features are a lot easier to see nowadays thanks to the internet. From genetic disorders to extra toes, people never stop to amaze us with how special they are.


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