Salma Hayek Reveals She Was Forced to Get Married and Didn’t Even Have the Chance to Say No

5 months ago

Salma Hayek Pinault’s surprise wedding to French fashion mogul François-Henri Pinault in 2009, a day she was seemingly unaware of, remained largely unknown. Recently, Salma revealed more about this enchanting love story, offering insights into the unexpected Valentine’s Day ceremony.

Salma Hayek didn’t want to get married.


This year marked the revelation by Salma Hayek that the entire wedding affair felt like an intervention staged by her family, which included her parents and brother. They literally escorted her to the courthouse, marking a significant chapter in her life that she had not foreseen.

Sharing insights into her initial hesitations and acknowledging a fear of marriage, Salma Hayek Pinault expressed her nervousness about the courthouse ceremony. She disclosed that the choice for a courthouse wedding wasn’t hers; instead, her family essentially “dragged” her there, leaving her with little say in the matter.

She was thinking of running away from the wedding.

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In her own words, she never had the chance to say no. Despite the surprise and initial hesitations, Salma eventually consented to the marriage, leading to a lunch at her now-husband’s parents’ house. This meticulously arranged lunch by her mother-in-law added an unexpected layer to the day’s events.

The surprising element of this enchanting love story doesn’t conclude there. While many might question why Salma didn’t reject the idea, she explained that she had initially agreed to the marriage but was unsure about attending on the day. Following the courthouse ceremony, she casually mentioned that she didn’t feel any different. However, as time passed, excitement set in, and her husband suggested hosting a party. Months later, they indeed had a more elaborate and presumably thoroughly planned wedding ceremony.

It turns out that Hayek excels in the role of a wife.

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Now, 14 years into their marriage, Salma and François-Henri Pinault’s relationship stands stronger than ever. The couple shares a 16-year-old daughter, Valentina Paloma, and Salma actively embraces her role as a stepmother to François-Henri’s three children from previous relationships. Reflecting on their enduring love, Salma credited her husband for being supportive and seeing qualities in her that she had never seen in herself.

She has her secret of a long marriage.

Speaking about the endurance of their relationship, Salma offered insights into how they keep the flame alive. Emphasizing the underestimated value of boredom, she explained that meeting later in life allowed them to appreciate the simplicity of just being together.

In their world, shared moments often revolve around doing nothing, merely existing in the same space, and expressing thoughtfulness through small gestures like offering a cup of tea. Salma’s wisdom in embracing simplicity and nurturing thoughtfulness serves as a testament to the enduring magic of their love story, transforming unexpected beginnings into a beautifully crafted journey of togetherness.

Every family is unique, with its own set of dynamics, traditions, and ways of navigating life. The couple’s relationship frequently becomes the focal point, and Salma Hayek herself has, at times, been labeled a gold digger.

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