17 People Who Started Their Day in the Most Unlucky Way Possible

year ago

A famous quote says, “Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win, sometimes you are unlucky, but that’s life.” And these people you will see later know precisely what it means to have unlucky moments you have no control over. Or sometimes, you do have some control over them, but you can’t imagine how a situation will end.

1. “My roommate recently ran a marathon with a headband on, and it resulted in a mildly interesting tan line.”

2. “I’m allergic to cats and slept on a cat blanket.”

3. “Overnight coworker sent me this last night.”

4. “If you were a cat, there’s a 9/10 chance you’d be named ’Socks.”

5. “Finally got it!”

6. “My girlfriend’s new yoga pose.”

7. “I forgot to put sunscreen on my feet.”

8. “Bought a $44 handmade, ceramic mug. It cracks as I pour in my first cup of tea.”

9. “Package with my $200 headphones arrived ripped open and empty.”

10. “Went to use the bathroom at a friend’s house — nearly had a heart attack.”

11. “I asked for 3 donuts and a water cup. The entire staff thought I said 3 donuts in a water cup. Here’s the result.”

12. “Oh, let me just put these empty eggshells back in the container. I married a savage.”

13. Yogurt doesn’t seem that healthy anymore...

14. “I asked if they could cut it in half so I could split it with my boyfriend...”

15. Out of all of the balconies...

16. “My baby ordered $94 worth of pizza on an app.”

17. “Oops, there’s a pothole there.”

Have you ever had one of those days where everything seems to be against you and nothing works to your advantage?


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