11 Mysterious Items From the Past the Purposes of Which Only Geniuses Can Comprehend

11 months ago

Even 20 years ago, life was significantly different from today’s. Not to mention more distant times when people’s daily lives were quite unlike ours. Back then, they used numerous unconventional tools and devices, the purposes of which aren’t so easy for us to discern.

“Bought an old house, found this in a cupboard untouched from the 1960’s today.”

  • It’s upside down. It’s one of those fake noses with a mustache that would have been attached to glasses as a “disguise” for kids. © akrdnk / Reddit

A device for dialing a rotary phone

A hooked ice pick

A pocket sundial

“An egg shell topper cutter — found this under the floor of a nineteenth-century house.”

A reusable cocktail pick

A mechanical circular calculator

A toy washing machine

A perfume flask necklace

The Clap-o-Meter

“Found these small circular things sewn into the ruffles of a vintage 1970s dress while I was cleaning it.”

We are confident that guessing the functions of all items without hints is only possible for geniuses. If you enjoy such puzzles, take a look at these mysterious objects as well.

Please note: This article was updated in June 2022 to correct source material and factual inaccuracies.
Preview photo credit Fragrant_Seasons / Reddit


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